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New millenium


" Institute of Complex Engineering " Ltd. Year 2005.
On 01.01.2005 in staff{state} of ICE Ltd.- 40 person. The gross area of office premises{rooms} rented on a long-term basis (including Sosnoviy Bor) exceeds division 500 square metres. In all rooms due to ICE fulfilled face lifting, conditioners are installed. The park of office equipment includes 40 computers, 15 printers, 7 copiers, and the software - over 10 license products.

For 11 months 2005 of 7 employees of ICE Ltd.have had training additional preparation at courses of improvement of qualification, 21 employee have taken part{have participated} in seminars, conferences, exhibitions. The size of fulfilled ICE Ltd of operations for 11 months 2005 has exceeded 65 millions roubles.