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New millenium


" Institute of Complex Engineering " Ltd. Year 2001.
By 25.01.2001 order of the Executive director of concern " Rosenergoatom " of ICE is included in the list of providing firms of concern " Rosenergoatom " on which the operative{operating} job{definition} extends. We became the first not state firm to which it was possible.

21.02.2001 are made changes to the Charter of ICE Ltd., the new agency of handle{control} - Board of the Society is created. The first board meeting took place 12.03.2001 Unfortunately, rather effectively the Board has fulfilled only first one and a half years.

01.04.2001 on operation in ICE Ltd.Romanov G.F is accepted main project engineer on designing civil objects. The history of development Sostnovy Bor of a platform of firm actually starts with this moment. Formally status SB employees of ICE Ltd.has been legalized 01.10.2003 by creation of the isolated Division «Sosnovy Bor» led by its actual founder Chujkov V.V.